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15 Content Ideas for Realtors on Facebook

Facebook content ideas

As a Realtor, sometimes you need to get creative. Never is that more true than when it comes to your content marketing. There is so much new content being produced every day that breaking through the noise requires some originality. The problem is that it can be hard to come up with original ideas all the time, especially when you’re trying to run your business. Searching online usually doesn’t help either, as all you end up with is a bunch of guides that tell you to “create compelling content” without ever telling you what that is.

Well instead of another useless guide we’re going super practical. Here are 15 ideas that you can implement into your Facebook content marketing plan right now.

1. Get a sticker of your logo made and take it to restaurants in your area. Take a picture of it up close to some feature in the restaurant. Then buy a gift card to the restaurant for $10 or $20. Post the picture to Facebook and give away the gift card to to the first person who can correctly guess the restaurant where the picture was taken. You might want to take a few photos, each a little further back from the feature in case the first photo is too tough to solve!

2. Record videos of your lunch, take pan shots of the food and the exterior. Then record a quick review at the end. Edit the videos together with some music and post to Facebook. I use Blender for all of my video editing.

3. Take first person perspective photos or videos at one of your listings. Set up different scenes like relaxing by the pool, watching TV, eating dinner etc. You can have props and other things to set the scene and tell the story even more. Then go around to local businesses and other spots near the home: the coffee shop, the restaurant, the park, take pictures there as well. Edit them all and create an album or video on Facebook that shows what life would be like in the home. These photos and videos would be more inviting then standard listing photos and inspire ideas of what it would be like to live in the home. It could be the tipping point for a prospective buyer looking at similar homes in the area.

4. Get a 360 camera and do a walkthrough home tour in 360. This will create an immersive experience for people who watch the video and allow them to interact with the space how they want to instead of how photos limit them.

5. Do a video interview with the current owner in the home. Have them talk about the places they love near the home, their favorite restaurants, their favorite features of the home. You can use shots from those areas and put the voiceover track on top of it. Adds personality and depth to the traditional home video tour.

6. Is the owner famous? Promote and then hold a Facebook Live Q&A session with the person in the house. You could then take that content and promote it to big sites like WSJ Real Estate, local news organizations and other real estate publications that focus on celebrity real estate. A great way to get attention for your listing.

7. Offer virtual showings via Facebook Live, the video will be saved to your timeline so it can be used later as a regular walkthrough video later on too. You can run Facebook ads to promote the virtual showings or mention it in the listing on the MLS.

8. Reach out to principals of local schools in your area and ask for an interview. Ask them about their school and the community surrounding it. What are the strengths of the school? What could be improved? What has their experience in the community been like? You can also seek to interview some of the long tenured teachers there. They will probably have great stories of the community that will build a personal connection.

9. Do video reviews of hidden gem businesses in your area. Look for places that aren’t well known or that don’t have a lot of Yelp, Facebook and Google reviews. Record the review and get lots of B-roll of food, drinks, cigars or whatever else they sell. Then edit it and post it to Facebook. Let the restaurant know you did it too and they’ll probably share it with their fans (assuming it’s a positive review). Don’t be afraid to post negative reviews either. People value honesty.

Best Latte 2


10. Commit to finding the best coffee, pizza, tacos, baklava, burgers or something else in your city. Perform a methodical analysis of each place so that you can compare and select the best. Become a connoisseur and get known as the local latte expert. When you find a great place connect with the business owners. This is a good way to connect with people and build local knowledge which will make you a better agent.

11. If you’ve built up authority as a restaurant and local expert spend Friday night on Facebook Live giving recommendations to people who are looking for things to do. This helps to build trust and rapport with your audience.

Little League

12. Contact your local little league and offer to Facebook Live stream the games or take pictures and videos. That will allow far away Grandparents to watch their grandkids. This is a great opportunity to network with the parents at the game who probably aren’t paying very much attention when their son or daughter isn’t at the plate.

13. Reach out to personal trainers at gyms in your area. Invite them to talk at your monthly agents meeting. Record their talk and post it. This adds value for them because it’s a source of new leads (your agents) and they will be more inclined to recommend you to their clients.

14. Do you have a passion/hobby that you already spend time on? Find a way to partner with a local business where potential clients go and create content around it. For example, if you really know wine, partner with a wine store and do reviews of different wines. Do you golf? Play and review the different golf courses in your area. Go into detail about why one is better than the other and position yourself as an expert. It’s a good way to reach a local business’ customer base and to continue to show you’re an expert in the area.

15. Partner with a local school to record school plays and other events. You can put you logo in the corner of the video. This is a good way to get in front of parents who will appreciate having that memory available.

So there you go. 15 creative ideas for creating content on Facebook. The only thing left to do is execute. If you do, let us know how it went! We always want to get feedback and hear stories: good or bad. Comment below and let us know!