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13 Clever Ways for Realtors to Kill it on Instagram

1. Get personal

When you get a new listing, interview the homeowner about stories they have in the home, fond memories, the features of the home that they really love. Take a picture of them in one of those places and add a long form caption retelling that story. This will help to create an emotional connection between your followers, the house and your brand.

2. Start a weekly regimen

At the beginning of the week choose a property (it doesn’t have to be one of your listings either) in your area and make it the house of the week on Instagram. Plan out a story that you want to tell around that house, and take 5-7 pictures (or more) to match up with that story. Then post one (or more) photo a day for a week and tell the story of that house. The story could be anything from how the children spent their time growing up to why this is the perfect bachelor pad and how you would spend an evening there. An interesting and compelling way to show off the house.

3. Embrace constraints

Instagram videos can only be 15 seconds long, which means you’re limited to what you can do. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Use those 15 seconds to create mini-vlog posts. Your 5 favorite restaurants/bars/coffee shops in your city. The 3 home design trends that you need to know about right now. Why you should buy this house in 10 seconds. Then caption the video and explain what you’re doing. “The 5 best coffee shops in Miami in 15 seconds. Watch the video ^^^” This is a good way to generate discussion too. List your 5 favorite restuarants and ask your followers to respond with theirs. That could start some greate conversations!

4. Start a contest

Start a weekly photo contest on Instagram. Come up with a hashtag for the contest, use your brand or your name and photo contest “#MaryJoPhotoContest” or whatever else you come up with. Then tell people to take photos of their home, of their food, in their city etc. Whatever you think is interesting. Say you’ll pick 1 every week and feature it on your page. Then maybe include a small prize for the winner like a gift card or something similar. However, I think you’ll find a lot of people will be willing to do it for the fun, the challenge and the recognition. If you don’t have a lot of followers right now you can use Instagram advertising to promote the contest and reach new people.

5. Levarage everyday moments

On your way to a meeting? Take a selfie and caption it with where you’re headed and what you’ll be working on. Have a walkthrough with clients? Trail a bit behind them and get a picture of them loving their soon be be new home. Working late on a contract? Record a 15 second video talking about how hard you’re working on the deal. Providing everyday access to your followers humanizes you and makes people feel like they know you and trust you. That’s a big deal for convincing future prospects to use you as their agent!

6. Use your friends

Not in a bad way! Have a friend who has lived in your area for awhile? Take a photo of them and then do a short interview with them. What do they like about where they live? What are their favorite places? Their favorite memories? Alternatively record a short video with them talking about those things. Get people romantic about the place where you sell homes. That can be the tipping point between them using you as their agent and someone else.

7. Partner with Celebrities

Have people in your area that are popular on Instagram? Contact them and see if there is a way for you to partner up to reach new people. There’s plenty of aspiring models on Instagram looking for work. Contact them and put them in your listing photos. People are more compelling than an empty room. Then work out a deal where they’ll promote the photos and your account on their Instagram. If you’re savvy you’ll find a way to make the partnership work without money.

8. Ask for engagement

Inspires Instagram

Take a picture of a pool and then edit it with a caption that tells people to tag who they would want to take a swim with. Or take a picture of the kitchen and ask people to tell you what their favorite home cooked meal is. Find opportunities to create conversations with your followers and be more human.

9. Showcase events

If you’re going to an event become the unofficial photographer for the night. Take pictures, record videos, capture what’s going on. People like to see what you’re doing and share cool experiences. Open up your world to Instagram.

10. Show off the grind

Working at the office? Clean up your desk and take a photo of the clean baller workspace you have. Take photo of an award you won or a jersey you got from an appreciative athlete client for ThrowbackThursday. Use the things you already have around to tell your story. This requires some creative thinking, but little else!

11. Embrace the selfie

All dressed up for a big day of important meetings? Take a picture of your outfit. Just got a new watch you’re proud of? Get a picture of it on your wrist and write a quick review of your experience. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with real estate, but it has everything to do with connecting with your followers. Social media is personal interaction at digital scale. Just like you wouldn’t go to a networking meeting and just push your listings the whole time (please tell me yo don’t do that) you shouldn’t just post real estate 24/7. Add some humanity and personality to your feed.

12. Cross Promote

Maybe you just made a long video for Facebook. Sample out 15 seconds that are really good and post it to Instagram. Then link to the FB video in your Instagram profile and tell people to click the link if they want to see the rest. Make sure those 15 seconds are really compelling and make the viewer want to see more. Cliff hangers can be great for this. Cut the video off right before you provide that really important tip for selling your home.

Oh, and speaking of Facebook. If you need some ideas for what kind of content to post there make sure you check out this post:

13. Share your jam

Miss u #RIPBIG .. This is my πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯wish a lot of these youngsters got to see u …

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Take a screenshot of your phone while listening to your new favorite song. Then share it to Instagram with a caption saying “Current mood” or how much you love the artist. Easy way to add a personal touch.